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Journey to the East—Zhang Jingli Solo Exhibition

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2011.4.30 150x180cm 布面油画 Oil on Canvas 2011

  艺术家/Artist: 张敬立Zhang Jingli

  策展人/ Curator: 方志凌Fang Zhiling

  时间 / Date: 2011.10.01 (Sat) – 2011.11.6 (Sun)

  开幕式 / Opening: 2011.10.01 (Sat) 3:00pm

  地点 / Venue: 亚洲艺术中心(北京) Asia Art Center (Beijing)

  100015 中国北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路2号大山子798艺术区(周一休馆)

  10015 No.2, Jiuxianqiao Rd., Dashanzi 798 Art District, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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  传真 / Fax: +86-10-5978-9708

  网址 / Website: www.asiaartcenter.org

  邮箱 / E-mail: beijing@asiaartcenter.org


  1970年出生于河南南阳的张敬立, 2000年毕业于中央美术学院版画系研究生班。他的作品立足于自我的真实情感体验,表达了艺术家对人性本质的深层困惑,对生命存在的痛苦体验和对日常情感的高度关注。在2008年以前,张敬立是一个冷峻的社会观察者,他的作品在对喧嚣、混杂、充满着令人畏惧的活力的中国生活状态的隐喻性描述中,隐含着一代人面对高速失控的社会状态所体验到的深重忧虑。直到2008年,作品开始出现了转变,加入了中国人熟悉的人物造型-孙悟空。中国人儿时记忆的齐天大圣,活泼捣蛋同时却也充满正义且到处斩妖除魔的一位英雄人物,在张敬立的作品中随处可见。艺术家精细刻画出这位法力无边且能72变幻化成不同形象的人物造型,并且精心安排在充满幻象的背景中,产生无比的视觉张力,也让观者有着无限的想象空间。然而,看似轻松诙谐的画面中,内心敏感的他希望藉此暗示着在当今社会的快速发展及过度接受外来的消费文化之下,需要一个存在于自身文化根深蒂固的图像,重新唤起人们对自我生存意识及环境的反省。


  Asia Art Center Beijing will hold “Journey to the East” - Zhang Jingli Solo Exhibition from 1st October to 6th November in 2011. It is the first time that the artist publicizes the works of art presenting about 20 brilliant oil paintings produced in recent years. And Fang Zhiling, a representative of the young generation of art critic and curator, is invited to curate this show. The work presents the image of Monkey King. This traditional Chinese element reveals the painter’s sincere, serious emotion and concerns about the weakening of Chinese culture spirit.

  Born in 1970 in Nanyang, Henan, Zhang Jingli received his graduate diploma from Print-making Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. Based on his true emotional experience, Zhang creates his works to express his deep confusion on the essence of human nature, concerns about the pain of life and daily emotions. Before 2008, he was a sober social observer, using vivid metaphorical description to imply noisy, mixed, formidable vitality of Chinese life in his works, showing serious concerns on increasingly out-of-control society. From 2008, he began to change his painting style by adding a well-known Chinese character Monkey King. Declared himself the “Great Sage Equal of Heaven”, Monkey King is a lively, rebel hero who slays demons and searches for justice. The character can be seen everywhere in Zhang’s works. The artist depicts Monkey King with supernatural powers and 72 transformation skills, in the background full of imagination and vision, creating unparalleled visual tension, and bringing viewers unlimited imagination. However, through the seemingly lighthearted, satirical pictures, the sensitive artist hopes that in the context of today's rapidly-developed society and excessive acceptance of foreign culture, the character deeply-rooted in Chinese culture will re-evoke the self-consciousness on survival and the reflection on environment.

  Besides the first one-man-show in Asia Art Center for the latest painting the artist produced in the recent two years, Zhang is invited to attend the exhibition of Orient Museum in Lisbon, Portugal. Zhang Jingli was wrapped up in aesthetic study for two years, and strived to make his artistic creation more flexible and mature. Now, the holding of his exhibition in China and Europe will re-arouse the unlimited imagination of both Asians and Westerners on Chinese mythical hero - Monkey King.